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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why all the Obama hate?

I have made no secret of my support of Barack Obama. I saw my first "Obama for President" sicker shortly after his star-making making performance at the 2004 Democratic Convention and I was quite skeptical. I had a lot of the some of the some concerns that so many people voice now about him. But I learned. But it's not just that he had shown me so much since then, but how bad things have gotten in this country. The eight years under Bush have pitted Americans against each other. Look at what conservatives have done to John McCain, smearing a true American Hero because he's audacious enough to have his own opinion. We identify ourselves as our political affiliation and act like the folks on the other side are destroying America. But we humans are more alike than we're different, no matter what our affiliations are. The thing that makes America so great are the balance between our conservative and liberal impulses and Obama is the man most likely to restore that balance. But after hearing all of the same criticisms, I felt like I needed to respond.

1. "He's Inexperienced!"
Three words: George. W. Bush. People seem to forget that his only experience with elected office was the 5 years he spent as Governor of Texas. Or that Bill Clinton was the only the Governor of fricken' Arkansas before assuming the Presidency. Or that both made a big deal about their "inexperience" when they ran, because it afforded them "outsider" status.

I think it's telling that some of his biggest supporters are people that have worked with him in the Illinois and U.S. Senate that have seen his skills bringing people together first hand.

2. "He's all style!"
When has having good oratory skill such a crime? Don't we want a non-boring president? He's the only president in my lifetime that I will actually look forward to hearing from and that can talk for 20 minutes and still hold my attention. And do I really need to bring up our current president and his skill at public speaking?

3. "He has no substance!"
Of course he doesn't seem that way, if you don't look hard enough for it. The man himself has all of his policy plans on his website here. You may not agree with them, but you can't say that he hasn't given some of the most pertinent problems facing us some real thought.

4. "How is he going to pay for all his programs?"
How are we paying for them now? The common cliche are that Democrats are "Tax and Spend" while the Republicans since Reagan have been "Charge and Spend".

Don't get me wrong, I think all of the Presidential front-runners would do a better job than our current administration. But when I vote for Obama, I'm voting FOR someone instead of voting AGAINST someone else, and that's what you're suppose to do.
Update: Hilzoy breaks it down better than I do here.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Comparing Obama to George Dubya is possibly not the best way to refute the experience argument, but I do agree that in general his supposed lack of substance is way overstated.

Conversely, Hilary's "experience," all of it as an unelected spouse, is vastly overstated.

The key for Obama is to have quality advisers around him -- as long as he is smart enough to pick such people, and I think he is, he will make a fine president.