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Friday, February 15, 2008

The LONG Reach of DC Bureaucracy

Trying to put the figurative tent stakes down here in the PHX, I went down to the DMV to get my Arizona License. I knew that I'd probably have to take a driving test of some sort since my Maryland license expired a year and a half ago and, riding a bike to work and taking advantage of public transportation to avoid DUIs, I didn't have any need to get a new one.

There was an unforeseen problem, though, the DMV lady said there was I had an issue with the District of Colombia that needed to be resolved before I could even try to get an Arizona license. After racking my memory for what this could possibly be, I came up short. I mean, Christ, I haven't even driven in over 2 years!

After calling the District to find out what this "issue", I was told that I had paid a traffic ticket 2 days late IN 2001! I remember the ticket, and remembered paying it on time since it was a sizable ticket to begin with. I don't recall ever getting any notice that entire time telling me about this and they didn't say anything to me when I got a car registered in Maryland the next year. Most of that time I could have easily afforded the $95 reinstatement fee; but now, not so much.

Now, one of the main reasons I never bothered to get a DC license (or plates for my car) was to avoid the legendary clusterfuck of DC Bureaucracy. But it still got me, and good!

It reminds me of one afternoon working at the toy store when a customer was marveling at how efficient we were (we got that a lot). I said, "Yeah, we're not like the government at all."
Another customer listening took umbrage, "Hey! I work for the government!"
I clarified my position, "I'm sorry, I was talking about the DC government."
"That's who I work for!"
"Then you know."
"Yeah," she said with a hint of resignation as she slinked out of the store.

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