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Friday, February 29, 2008

When Artistic Bankruptcy and Corporate Synergy Collide

A lot of the very nice rejection letters that I have gotten from literary agents talk about the huge amount of books that get published every year. When I see the kinds of movies and TV shows that get made these days, it makes me think I should do that kind of writing and a couple of things I've seen recently makes me think that it's only going to get worse.

Universal has struck a deal with Hasbro to make movies based on board games. Finally the excitement of Candyland in a $9 movie. Hold on, I'm not done:
Monopoly: Like There Will Be Blood with Jersey real estate and Steve and Edie. The big catchphrase will be, "I Eat Your Buffet!"
Battleship: A epic naval battle where the ships don't move at all, unless someone cheats. The catchphrase: Could it be anything else? They'll have to shoehorn it in but we'll hear "You sunk my battleship!"
Ouija: The message the board is sending is undeniable, spelling out over and over, "All of these movies are gonna SUCK!"

I saw a commercial for a new dating show that MTV is casting for a new dating show inspired BY A DORITOS FLAVOR! That's right, they were looking for "sweet and spicy" young men and women to match their new "sweet and spicy" new salty snacks.

Speaking of trashy MTV dating shows, there's a new one featuring a cast-off on the god-awful Tila Tequila show called "That's Amore". Check this out:

It's a little Night At The Roxbury, no?

It's a testament to how desperate people are to get on TV when they'll tangle with a dozen other women to catch the eye of the kind of dude they have to shake off of themselves any weekend at the eurotrash disco.

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