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Friday, March 09, 2007

What I've Learned

The problem with being as utterly obscure as I am is that I'm never asked to do any of these talking head pop culture shows that seem to mostly be on VH1. I have opinions on Knight Rider too that need to be heard Goddamitt!
The latest thing that my phone hasn't rang for is a series of interviews in Esquire where they ask various celebrities what they've learned called, fittingly, "What I've Learned". The thing is, especially with notoriously ego driven dudes like Robert Evans, the things a lot of them have learned are mostly just useful to them.
But like my post where I answered James Lipton's famous questions with him having to ask, I'm going to use the soapbox that is this blog to share... What I've Learned

The only valuable thing I learned in college was if you don't fully know your opponent's side of an argument, you don't know your own.

Every intellectual is a pseudo intellectual, there is more to be ignorant about in this world than anyone could possibly know.

It's a testament to the range of humanity that things as constructive and life-affirming as love and faith can (and are) used as deadly weapons.

There is always as catch. I've mulled over getting a tattoo of a asterisk to illustrate this point.

A relationship isn't defined by the good times, it's defined by the bad times. Even all of the couples on Jerry Springer had good times once.

At most, you are only responsible for half of someone's opinion about you.

Our flow of information has far surpassed our ability to handle it.

There is no such thing as normal.

Out of all the things people say are in shorter supply now than in the nonexistent "Good Old Days", like trust, courtesy, and honor, one of most damaging is humility.

On that note, just because I've learned it doesn't mean that I'm right

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