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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The McJob dilemma

As you my have heard, the McDonald's Corporation has taken umbrage at a definition in the Oxford English Dictionary of the noun "McJob" as "an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector." The mighty Wikipedia adds to that a bit: "but is used to describe any low-status job - regardless of who the employer is - where little training is required, staff turnover is high, and where workers' activities are tightly regulated by managers." I can understand how this would not be the most flattering was to be come part of the modern lexicon, but saying it's inaccurate does NOT make it so.

I am writing this post using the my own experiences, but I have eaten at McDonalds countless times and working at Mickey D's was my first ever job when I was 16. The psychic scars still remain; even after two decades of life and drug use, I still have the occasional nightmare about being back at the wrong end of the fast food counter. I never last more than five minutes before I wake up.

An article written by someone who obviously had never worked there, reads like he's an unpaid apologist of the McDonalds corporation, mentioning that such illuminaries as champion runner Carl Lewis and Jay Leno used to work there, but without saying how long or how fondly they remember coming home smelling like a french fry.

I stole one of the little standees that they had in the center of the table trying to get new employees and made a little joke for each side.
Mother with 2 young kids:"A job with flexible hours"
In other words:" Yes, I will flip burgers to get away from these brats."
Elderly Gentleman:"A chance to share my experience with new people."
In other words: "I get to bore a new group of people with my stories!"
Young woman: "It gives me experience for the future."
In other words:"for my dream job at Applebee's!"
Young Man:"A employer whose helpful, supportive."
In other words:"Don't ask, don't tell"

I never had the feeling that I was being served by a future world leader or captain of industry on my many, many visits to the Golden Arches. I usually get served by people who seem to have had their soul sucked out of their eyes from being treated with the lack of respect that's reserved for the earners of minimum wage.

A place mat that I saw on a tray on a recent visit was calling for employees said(I paraphrase), "From here, you can go anywhere!" Because there's nowhere to go but up.

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