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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Depression Soundtrack

As I've been wading through my most recent existential funk, I got to thinking about the songs that make me think of funks past and present.

Depressed Teenage Pete-The Smiths
The Smiths, baby, all the way. You'd think maybe the Cure, but they dealt with a more died-in-the-wool (intentional misspelling) sorrow; one that you were more than welcome to carry into adulthood. My depression stemmed basically from being the only one in high school that wasn't getting laid. Once I got what I wanted a couple times I couldn't sing "Please let me get what I want, lord knows it'll be the first time.", could I?
The Pete Anthem "How Soon is Now?"

Depressed Twenty-something Pete
Sebadoh, oh yeah! I listened to them for a while just 'cause, then I went through a break-up so bad, I moved to DC(not that I'm complaining). Lou Barlow's songs went from casual listening to striking me straight into my emotional center so hard, it took a while before I could listen to them without breaking down.
This was the best Sebadoh vid I could get, since I couldn't get the real anthem, "Homemade" from Bubble and Scrape. This still an amazing song,"Spoiled"

Depressed Thirty-something Pete
I've been listening to a lot more violent noisy music this time around. It some how comforting, almost like a frustration relief valve. I've been prone to singing along to my ipod since I got it, but when one of these three bands come on I can't help but but clench teeth and fist and nod along the the brutal rhythms of:
Shellac, This one is "My Black Ass"

Death From Above 1979, This is "Blood On Our Hands"

Mclusky, This is "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues"

"Everywhere I look it's a darkness."-Mclusky "Without MSG I'm Nothing"

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Lonnie Bruner said...

Those vids were awesome. Man, I was listening to Shellac yesterday and thinking, "Wow, those riffs are really causing that guitar PAIN."

Anyway, watch these two floozies, and hopefully you'll feel better: