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Monday, April 02, 2007

No, Seriously, Is Being Bald That Bad?

According to Sitemeter, my post "Is Being Bald That Bad?" is far and away the most popular post I've ever done. When I first wrote it, it was featured on D.C. Blogs, which got me a few extra hits. But the thing that got me the most online attention wasn't my brilliant writing but the fact that I put pictures of Donald Trump, Vince McMahon and a bald Natalie Portman. Most of the hits were refered by the Google Images page from people who wanted picture of one of them and quite a few(from Eastern Europe and the Middle East mostly) that were looking for a "bald woman". The hits reached a fever pitch over the weekend as the Wrestlemania where either Vince or Donald had to lose their hair.

Anyway, this deserves a sequel! Unfortunately, like most sequels, this will have a lot of the same players, but won't be nearly as satisfying as the original.

As it turns out, Vince had to go razor-to-scalp and did not take it well.

That expression on his face suggests that he's the "new meat special" at Riker's Island Prison rather than getting his head shaved. Vince, it'll grow back.

He's far from the only one who would rather look silly than bald.

Phil Spector:

Kevin Dubrow,lead singer of Quiet Riot, who was noticeably thinning in 1983:


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