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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Own Personal Wolfowitz Scandal

If you read this, please read it all. Paul Wolfowitz has his enough problems these days.
The toy store where I used to work was in a interesting section of DC, We would get politicians and political-type people. Senators, pundits, Supreme Court Justices,reporters, even the occasional foreign royalty, and that's just the people I recognize.
The video store next door was a different story, the same kind of people patronized there as well, but there are very few things that can have embarassment potential. Barbies and Lego are one thing, "Point Break" and "Beautician and the Beast" is another.

When I mentioned that was I was writing a book about my retail experiences while I was visiting over there, someone who worked there said that they could write a book themselves just about the video store, from famous people behaving badly over a four dollar late charge to the one time one of the other employees got drunk with a pundit and ended up getting stabbed in the arm by said talking head.
"The funny thing is the porn habits of some of these people."
I had to know something, I was rabid for details. First this person rattled of a couple tidbits that were a bit vanilla, until this whopper was spilled:
"Paul Wolfowitz is into she-males"
HOLY SHIT, you've got to be kidding! This is HUGE. Neo-con, archetect of the Iraq War, hermaphrodite entusiast?
I got the pleasure of making the week of the leftier of my friends(which is most of them) with this tasty little nugget of gossip about one of their least favorite political figures. I felt like I was peeking at the seedier side of Washington that gets parceled out now and them that chips away at the ridiculous notion of conservative moral superiority.
Except it was a lie.
Shortly before I felt DC one of the guys that worked there too told me that he had checked the rental records of those people that were dished on and none of them had ever rented porn, nothing more incriminating than "Dude, Where's My Car."
I wrote a mass e-mail to the people I had passed the lie to telling them the bad news. One of them wrote back,"That's O.K., in my dreams it's true, and it makes me smile."

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