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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is being bald THAT bad?

If I was my younger, twitchier self, I might be offended about the hostility thrown towards baldness as of late. Britney is one thing, for someone that is one of the most obsessed celebrities in our celebrity obsessed culture, shaving all your hair off can be seen as nothing less than a folicular cry for help.

But in my opinion, she looks pretty good bald, a lot of women do. Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta? Rawr!

Then we get to the Vince Mcmahon/Donald Trump feud. The climax of their upcoming "Battle of the Billionaires" will be the shaving of the head of the billionaire who backs the wrestler that loses the match. I think, considering the men involved, the winner should get the pompadour-ectomy. The Donald's hair helmet is possibly the most parodied in all of America.

I had my own well documented stuggle with baldness myself(Part 1 Part 2)
I've firmly believe that everyone should shave their head at least once in their life, but of course I do it three times a week. It is amazing the perspective you gain for not having something that is so easy to take for granted in your life.



Reid said...

Two other reasons to recommend shaving your head at least once:

The first time I did it (about 10 years ago), I was feeling really down and frustrated and it felt as though there was nothing to do to change the situation. My roommate shaved his head, and I thought, aw hell...I'm up for anything about now. And it was like shearing off all my problems. I felt like a totally new man. I thought of that day when Britney shaved her head. Oh, she's still nuts, but I bet it felt good.

The second reason is that taking a shower with a freshly shaved head feels SO. GOOD.

suicide_blond said...

One of my good friends plans to shave her head on st pats day...she is not natalie portman, sinead o'conner, nor urban hipster ....nope..she is a soccer mom who lives in the VA suburbs..when her friends son was diagnosed with leukemia.. she decided to help raise awareness.. soooo .. on jan 1st she dyed her blond locks HOT PINK.. and when anyone glances awkwardly at the pink haired mini van driver..she takes the opportunity to make them aware of the need for research..
on March 17th ..she plans to shave off the pink locks and continue the campaign..
in my opinion this is an f-ing brilliant use of hair....
maybe next year ill join her and do it too!

Wendy said...

I've been thinking about this lately, too. A friend of mine (who just completed 12 rounds of chemo) posted this...