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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Open letter from Scott Stapp to the other members of Creed

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely satirical.

Dear Mark,
I’m addressing this to you because out of all the other guys in Creed, I felt closest to you. Our bond was forged when we started writing together. With the tunes we wrote together, “My Own Prison”, “Higher”, “With Arms Wide Open” I could go on, but you know what I mean. Bro, we didn’t just make music together, we made history!

I wanted to write and ask you guys if you wanted to get Creed back together.

Look, hear me out. I know things have been tense for a while, and I apologize if I’ve caused you guys any pain, especially Brian. Bro, I’m sorry, I realize now I was just being a sanctimonious prick when I had you kicked out of the band for dissing Pearl Jam. We went through a lot of shit in the trenches when we were just Rock Soldiers and between the awards and sold out shows, I lost sight of that. Forgive me.

I was on the RIAA website, just in the neighborhood, and do you know we sold 24 million records? Well of course you do, you have the gold and platinum records too, but that’s not what I'm talking about. We’ve sold more than the Police, Motley Crue and the Beastie Boys, and we did it with just 3 records!

We could create that magic again if we could just put aside our differences and looked at the bigger picture, the world needs us now more than ever. We lifted people up, we gave them a reason to believe, we justified their faith in Rock and Roll. We didn’t break up because we weren’t needed anymore, we broke up because we lost sight of our mission, and got caught up in our Rock Star Fantasy.

Phillips, remember when we rocked on top of the Hard Rock Hotel that one New Years Eve for that T.V. special? That was such a cool show, playing “Higher” while those rad fireworks going off all around us. I remember something you said in between our two post show Jager shots, “We took THOSE fuckers higher tonight!” I fined you $50 bucks for using the F word, but you were right. We took everyone higher.

I heard about the fight you guys had the Living Things and they were wrong to bash our president and our country, but the three dudes I moved the nations with would have fought with their rock power, not their fists. And we won every time. Except that one time when the dudes sued us.

I’ve never said this to anyone, but that fight I got into with 311 in Baltimore was because one of them told me that Creed was better. It was my fault, I had asked them how they liked my new song and I didn’t prepare for them to say that. But they’re right. But you guys can’t honestly tell me that what’s-his-nuts Alterbridge singer guy can fill my leather pants any better that my new band can fill yours, so let’s not kid ourselves.

I promise, I’ve changed. I won’t strike any more Jesus poses and I’ll let you do drugs and curse, all of the things I used to fine you guys for. We can even skip the preshow prayer circle. I’ve learned my lesson. I mean, I’m opening up for INXS this summer, those are my big plans. At least I’m not doing State Fairs, but next year? It’s all in your hands.

So get in touch with me, I still have the same lawyer and you should have his number.


Scott Anthony Stapp

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