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Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Psychic Review of Fast and the Furious:Tokyo Drift

Note and warning: I have not seen this movie, nor do I plan to, I've only seen the commercials. I've just seen enough of these kind of movies to guess the plot. All spoilers are coincidental.

A brash young man finds himself in Tokyo, for some reason probably related to his brashness. He is drawn into the world of drift racing, which I used to do with the hand brake on my Big Wheel back in the day.
He is introduced to this automotive subculture by a fellow gaijin, played by Bow Wow(no longer 'Lil). He's not so great at first, but after a getting-your-shit-together montage, he is a contender.
It's not all smooth sailing, though. Their is most certainly a very antagonistic antagonist, this being Japan perhaps a member of the Yakuza. His ire will probably raised by our hero's brashness, most likely losing a bet for a pink slip to a car he doesn't own. Or he could win but one of his boys dies. Regardless, I bet Bow Wow or the love interest dies(did I forget the love interest?) I wouldn't be surprised if she's a yakuza chick or at least has a disapproving brother.
This all leads to a climactic race that our hero wins at the last second.
But really, does the plot matter? This is like auto porn, the plot is weak, the acting stiff, but the scenes where the cars screw? Fantastic!
I saved you nine bucks, no need to thank me!


Dilkman said... just saved me 10 bucks. Now if you could only give me a Psychic review of Garfield: The tale of 2 kitties. Regardless, I will still probably see that movie thanks to my little girl. she loved the first one. Except the part when Odie runs away. She cried during that part...but I digress.

Anonymous said...

...but it isn't a review. It's a psychic plot summary.

Your Pal Pete said...

I did say it was like car porn, the acting stiff, the plot is weak the car fucking FANTASTIC!