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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Miss New Jersey- Girl Gone Mild?

Everybody has been talking about the excessive press coverage certain recent events have received, to the point that I don't even have to mention the most egregious example of it. But I recognize there are a lot of Us Magazine readers out there who want to be constantly apprised of celebrity developments.

But the story I'm surprised is getting any attention is the "Racy" photos that almost brought down Miss New Jersey.

Have I seen the same photos that they're talking about? The ones that somebody thought they could blackmail her with? I don't think they warrant that kind of tearful apology in the world we live in. We know WAY too much about celebrities lives, they constantly have pictures from the night they'd rather forget plastered all over the tabloids, we know if they shave their private parts in a few of cases we can see them give and receive oral sex.

This is unbelievably tame even by beauty queen standards, she was just Miss New Jersey, the last Miss USA did coke and reportedly got into some hot beauty queen on beauty queen action. I think these kind of photos are the LEAST Miss New Jersey should have in her skeleton closet, but by today's standards are nothing we can't handle.
Now have a nip slip or panty-free upskirt and we'll have to have a talk.

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