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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Your Pal's Brushes with Greatness:Death Cab For Cutie

But first, these promotional messages! I have some new demos of new songs on my myspace(link): "1-4-5" and "Last Night A Pop Song Saved My Life". I just wanted to get these songs out of my mind and onto the intranet. Justin Timberlake successfully brought "SexyBack", I'm bringing "HairyBack"!
Now, our feature presentation

My friend Mike had told me to go to a upcoming Death Cab show at the Black Cat, assuring me that I would dig them. This was slightly before they gained notoriety riding Adam Brody's (Seth from the TV show the O.C.) rocket to semi stardom, so I was able to get some tickets the day of the show.

Before I went upstairs to the show I did a little pre-game at the downstairs Red Room Bar. I saw my friend Gretchen, who I hadn't seen for a while, sitting with a couple of regular looking dudes. She asked what was up to and I replied,"Ya know, just checking out the indie rock all the kids seem to be listening to these days," refering to Death Cab For Cutie.

I saw Mike and was catching up when Gretchen came up with an embarassed look on her face, "The guy sitting next to me was BEN!"
"Okay," I said, not quite getting her point.
"Ben from Death Cab!"
Oh the main dude, gotcha. I still didn't get her embarassment; I heard they were good and went to see them, if I was him and some stranger said what I said about my band, I would have been psyched. It's not like I said that I came to check out the latest opportunistic douchebags riding the unending font of teenage angst to alterna-rock paydirt, which I'm not saying they are, I just wanted to use all those words in the same sentence.

Besides, it was much kinder than if I gave her a post-concert assessment that even superfan Mike agreed with:
"That band bored the piss out of me."


mysterygirl! said...

Maybe you would like their newer stuff better live-- when I saw them in November at Constitution Hall, they actually rocked, which was a pleasant surprise when I expected a pretty mellow evening.

Either way, you totally said the right thing in front of them. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, 'pop song' is pretty good!