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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Frozen Valentine's Day!

I hate Valentine's Day, it's easily my least favorite holiday. Some regular readers might think that it would be Christmas with all the stress and work that I've bitched about leading up to it, but Christmas itself is awesome; a guaranteed day off!

I spend a lot of time sympathizing with women for the world we live in, with it's ridiculous body expectations and generally having to deal with men, but Valentine's day really is hard on us guys. Instead of being a day where you express your feelings towards the special person in your life (which a lot of guys have a problem with anyway), it becomes a chance to totally fuck up, brought to you by Hallmark.

The Valentine's related commercials around this time realize this. There's a candy commercial where a bunch of guys are saying things like, "If I don't bring her chocolate on Valentine's Day, watch out!" Another one for custom made teddy bears shows a woman getting a bear delivered at her work and all of her co-workers coo, "I wish my boyfriend would get me something like that!" Which, us men know, implies that whatever her boyfriend gave her wasn't going to keep him out of the dog house.

Valentine's day for me personally has been a mixed bag. For most of them I've been single, but almost all regardless have been pure psychic nightmares. I won't get too deep into it, but once I hit the good boyfriend mark with the woman I was deeply in love so hard, she said after we broke up she couldn't touch what I gave her without crying. But it was too good, it was indirectly responsible for her breaking up with me less that two weeks later.

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