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Currently, I'm working on a musical, RagnaPOP(or she's got the bomb), set to premiere at this year's Capital Fringe Festival. I'm also working on music, comedy, and musical comedy; for kids and/or adults.
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sometimes, I don't need to do anything...

As I become a short-timer (Feb 28th) at the toy store, I've taken a different tack as most. Some would use their limited time to make there language a little looser, to bring thoughts to the light of day that their steady paycheck would have kept hidden; I have ratcheted down my smart assed comments unless they're desperately needed, I do have co-workers to entertain.

But sometimes I don't need to do a thing to earn the ire that I would normally receive from a well placed zinger.

A lady came in the store and stopped at the door, noticing our new marble run display(for the non toy savvy, It's one of those things you build and drop marbles down and watch it travel down rails and spirals). I saw her dump about a dozen marbles at once, watch them slide and careen down to the base. After that she walked towards the back; I smiled slightly and nodded hello, but you'd think that I was tapping my foot and shooting a disapproving glare from her reaction.
"What do you expect when you put that up front?!" She barked.
"I didn't say a word," I protested. It was something I myself had done many times, I do work at a toy store.
"Yeah..", she grunted and disappeared into the back of the store.
Not a single discouraging syllable was uttered, but now magically I'm an asshole.

One lady recently asked me about Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I don't know if you know about these things, it's part of a phenomena known as collectible card games. Long story short, I would never sell crack, but I do sell Yu-Gi-Oh, similar compulsions are involved.
She asked, "Is there a game that goes with these?"
I said, "There is, but it depends on the child. The kids that collect these cards are usually too young to play the actual game, so they have there own rules, if they play a game at all. It's actually pretty complicated how they play with them. I'm writing a book about retail, in fact, and the things like Yu-Gi-Oh takes up about 4 pages alone."
She looked at me cock-eyed and huffed,"You've got a funny way about you, I just ask a simple question and you give me...."
A simple question asked is not always a simply answered. For me to fully answer it I would need to spend a lot more time hanging out in schoolyards and talking to little kids than it is socially acceptable for a single, childless 36 year old man to do.

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Dilkman said...

ihang in there partner. Fuckem all! You'll be done with it before you know it and will be hanging out in Iowa. But before then, I will see you sat at pungas for Cards bitch!