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Monday, February 12, 2007

You think Barack has it rough?

Your Pal's pick for President, Barack Obama, has had an interesting few days since announcing his candidacy. He's had to turn up his collar to a shitstorm that includes accusations that he's not black enough and the Australian Prime Minister saying Obama is Al-Queda in Iraq's choice for President. He, thus far, has weathered it admirably, but it's going to get so much worse. But someone else is going to get it far worse if they gain the nomination in '08.

I lived on the eastern shore of Maryland for 6 years. For a couple of them I worked at a convenience store that was an unofficial meeting place for discussions, political and otherwise. Whenever I'd voice an opinion that was slightly contrary, it would be dismissed with a, "that's right, you're 'the liberal'!" like I was the only one.

But I listened and got a feel for the concerns for what most Red Staters. The all-encompassing animosity that liberals have towards President Bush was exactly how conservatives felt about Bill Clinton down to the last bad vibe.

The difference was there was somebody that they hated even more, with a white hot intensity that defies any reasonable explanation: Hillary Clinton. The RNC muck machine will use any rock, any weapon, ANY morsel of mud available to prevent another President Clinton.

We've got one hell of a bumpy ride ahead of us.

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