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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Delaware's unintentional humor

As regular readers may know, I grew up in Lower Delaware. Growing up there, especially before I started driving, sucked. Fun was rare, but there were plenty of locations whose names filled me with sophomoric giggles.

The Assawoman Bay, and of course the Little Assawoman Bay.

Brown and Stiff Realty- Swear to God, their signs were all over the lowest part of lower Delaware, stuck in the front lawn of houses for sale.

The Suicide Bridge Restaurant- I'm cheating a bit, this is actually in Maryland, but they advertised heavily on our local radio stations. This place is still open, despite having the least appealing name I've ever heard for a restaurant. Check out the website at the link, they talk about the suicides that inspired the name AND offer to host your wedding reception. That's right, people actually put on the invitations, "Reception to follow at the Suicide Bridge Restaurant, 6304 Suicide Bridge Road...

Berry's Funeral Home- If you don't get that, say it out loud.

MurderKill River-Fuck you, Pennsylvania with your Brandywine, we've got the Murderkill!

Update: I almost forgot Slaughter Beach! Maybe I was trying to forget because my foot got super infected after I stepped on a horseshoe crab there.

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Mike Mahaffie said...

When I first moved to Delaware, I was working in radio (WGMD [shudders]) and my very first night on-air I had to read a news brief about a body being found in the Murderkill. I thought then that this was going to be an interesting place to live....