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But more than all of those I am an entertainer. I carry around a ukulele with me for the same reason a gangster carries a gun; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Stage or sidewalk, Your Pal Pete shows are just where they happen.
Currently, I'm working on a musical, RagnaPOP(or she's got the bomb), set to premiere at this year's Capital Fringe Festival. I'm also working on music, comedy, and musical comedy; for kids and/or adults.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Everybody's Happy Nowadays

I had a full on emotional breakdown last Friday. How full on? I called in depressed to work. Now I didn't write this to get any sympathy, so don't cry for me, Argentina. I wanted to give you some perspective on my way of thinking.
As down as I have been and has darkly as I've been thinking, this life has given me some genuine moments of joy at it's purest and will continue to do so. The latest, of all things, was an AARP commercial. It wasn't the commercial itself, it was the music: "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" by the Buzzcocks.
Singles Going Steady by the Buzzcocks is one of my all time fave raves and literally taught me how to write songs, so it has always had a special place in my heart. My relationship with music over the years has been informed, in a large part, by where I grew up(Lower Delaware).
The Buzzcocks, along with The Replacements, Husker Du and many other obscure greats, were part of what was called by my friends, "Pete's Weird Music". I would try to get people into my way of thinking, and honestly be a bit of a sactimonious dick about it, but Janet Jackson and Poison firmly remained in every party playlist.
I loved when bands I liked signed to major labels because then I only had to drive 15 minutes to get their new album instead of an hour and they might actually get on the radio and change some minds. Some of my favorites indeed became pretty famous (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) but after I was over them.
But I've always loved the Buzzcocks. I love that I've lived long enough to hear them in an American Association of Retired Persons commercial. Seventeen year old Pete wouldn't have believed it.

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