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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well, I liked it at least

I just saw Spiderman 3 and honestly I don't see what the fuss is about. I mean the "oh my god, it sucks" fuss. It wasn't perfect, but neither were the first two. A lot of people equated this one to the last X-Men movie in terms of drop in quality, but that is unfair; The Last Stand sucked more than a platoon of vacuum cleaners. The Spidey trilogy was more like the original Star Wars one; it goes good,better,pretty decent and all are worth watching. The parts that got the most criticism were the parts I liked the most, but I've always been a big fan to inappropriate dance/musical numbers for a straight guy. It made me think a lot about the other things I've liked more than other people. I was going to use a title with the word "underrated" but it didn't seem like a strong enough word for the difference in opinion I've had with most people about these things.

1.The Last "Seinfeld" episode.
It was often referred to as a "show about nothing" but that's not true. It was a show (that I loved, by the way) about selfish, neurotic people and sitcom-type antics that their selfish neuroses create. There was a karmic debt for both characters and viewers to pay for all the humor created from the ruining(and ending)of so many lives during the series run. All the old characters came back to deliver their vengeance on Jerry and company and I loved it.

2. The Matrix sequels.
Like Spidey 3, the main criticism I had with the Matrix sequels was they both could have used quite a bit of editing but also they all made me wonder what kind of movie people were expecting. They seemed like a logical extension to the story the originals started. But trust me, I wish they had cut out the rave scene from Reloaded too.

3. Shudder To Think, Pony Express Record.
I didn't live in D.C. when this came out, so I don't know what the reaction was in the band's hometown, but in Salisbury no one liked this record. Shudder first major label release came out in the midst of a ridiculous amount of record company generated hype that there was no way a record this aggressively arty could deliver on. Some latent homophobia was brought to the forefront with my friend's reactions to Craig Wedren's trilling falsetto singing, but I couldn't stop listening. It was liked the musical equivalent of a Reuben sandwich; ingredients that I normally hate(sauerkraut, rye bread:odd time signatures, willfully obscure lyrics) into something awesome.

4. Law and Order:Criminal Intent (not the Chris Noth ones)
People don't necessarily hate CI, but it is the lowest rated of the L&O series. I know people who are put off by Vincent D'Onofrio twitchy detective Robert Goren, but he is easily my favorite non-animated TV character. Relentless and knowledgeable to a suspicious degree, he is a force of nature in a gray suit and he is hypnotic to watch. The last ten minutes of the show are always the best, with Goren dissecting both the crime and the criminal in his inimitable manner, pulling out emotional confessions with cock-eyed stares and laser-beam insight.
The show has focused on his abnormal family that got possibly exponentially weirder with the revelation on the most recent episode that a serial rapist and killer might be Goren's real father(with a truly amazing performance from Vincent).
All that being said, the last line of dialogue on almost every episode is LAME.

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