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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

"A person is smart, PEOPLE are dumb."-Tommy Lee Jones, Men In Black
The conspiracy theorist best friend is the Internet. Where else can information in all degrees of accuracy disseminate freely through out the world? If one looks hard enough you can find a website finding hidden meaning and shadowy figures lurking behind every historical event in this nation's history. This has especially been true with the events surrounding 9/11, but I'll get to that later.

I once played a game with my good friend Lonnie and some of his friends when his wife asked around the table, "What conspiracy do you believe is true?". When it got to me I said,"None", at least not as they're believed to have happened. I don't have enough faith in humanity, at least not to make a viable conspiracy work.

If you ask anyone, ANYONE, whose ever had to coordinate large groups of people, most would agree that the more people are involved, the more likely things are to get fucked-up. You can call it the "Stacks" factor after Samuel L. Jackson's character in Goodfellas; a carefully laid plan starts to unravel because one guy gets high instead of destroying the getaway van(I know it's a movie, but this really happened). So many theories require the absolute discretion, immorality and, most importantly, competence of everyone involved in it's planning, execution, and fallout. I might know a person like that, but people?

This is what gets me about the "9/11 Truth" movement, we've seen for six years how woefully incompetent the Bush Administration is at planning, execution and fallout; this is the one plan they got RIGHT?

A lot of people are under the impression that the Freemasons are the secret puppetmasters of politicians, but I think those people have never seen Masons leaving a meeting. These are gentlemen who can barely control their bowels, much less the world.

The fuel behind a lot of these theorists is that their elements that don't "seem right" even though they aren't experts on the subject involved; the "controlled demolition" of the World Trade Center springs to mind. To a layman it looked like a one, but to experts it didn't. I'll give a little background material:
These are from Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" there are too many to embed.
is a Popular Mechanics article debunking some of the most popular 9/11 "myths"
One of the things that I keep coming back to again and again with these things is how easy it is to think the absolute worst of people you don't know. You know in some sci-fi movies where there is one general whose a little too eager to use nukes on the enemy? For most of these plans to work the entire military-industrial complex has to be populated with people like that. People who have gone along with nefarious plots have had their silence bought or forced(or have they gotten to you too?)This was especially clear to me when I would get into arguments with people over the Kurt Cobain "murder". Courtney Love became like the CIA; the answer that theorists would use that they thought settled their argument.
"If he was murdered, how come none of his family and friends have ever said anything about it?"
"Courtney. She used her power and money." Is that still true?
"If the Pentagon was hit by a missile, what happened to the plane?"
"The CIA took care of it."

This should, by no means, suggest that I believe that the government hasn't done evil things, but those things (like but not limited to:staging coups, drug trafficking, and assassinations)aren't theories, they're a matter of public record. A "Stacks"(or group of them) has brought them into the light with their loose lips or incompetence. Mark Feld got passed for a promotion and became "Deep Throat", bringing down a presidency in the process.

But I did use the qualifier earlier that I don't I don't buy conspiracies "as they're believed". 9/11 was a conspiracy of terrorists who plotted to drive passenger planes into American landmarks. Men who maximised their limited resources to strike fear into the heart of America. This makes much more sense with the evidence in front of us than the other convoluted conspiracies that have been floating about. Have you ever heard of the term, "Ockham's Razor"?
I do believe that the Bush Administration has used the fear of it in a most opportunistic fashion, but that's in plain sight. If there is a governmental cover-up having to do with 9/11 (or JFK, for that matter), I believe they don't want us to know how much they knew before it happened, because they would look incompetent.
Screwing up, then awkwardly covering up? That's a theory I can get behind.


terry said...

Check out the new book by Dr. David Ray Griffin “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory” 9-11 Debunking

Also, check out the Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Professors, 9-11 Survivors and Family Members who have expressed significant criticism of the 9-11 Commission Report and/or allege government complicity in 9-11 found here:


sunchaser said...

I love Tommy Lee Jones :)

Definitely one of the smartest people working in Hollywood.

Alex said...

It's interesting to me that 911 was driven by forces of superstition and ignorance -- the Islamic fundamentalist movement that spawned Al Qaeda -- and a side effect of their attack has been a secondary wave of superstition and ignorance right here in the USA, in the form of the cult-like 911 "truth" movement.

The typical tactic of "truthers" is to spam the internet with links, as if those alone will reveal "truth" -- much as, for generations, cultists have spanned streetcorners with leaflets, in the childlike faith that whatever word they are disseminating stands on its own power.

KME said...

Your argument is thought provoking, however, I respectfully disagree with your assumption that these attacks were solely carried out by Al Queda and its respective leaders. You state previously that the Bush Administration has proven incompetent through the course of 6 years and wouldn’t be able to plan, and executed these attacks without fail. While that is correct that the Bush Administration couldn’t have carried these attacks purely on it’s own but it is possible for the Bush Administration to facilitate attacks of this statue.

I agree with your statement about how the number of people involved increases the chances of a plan backfiring but the government has always followed the respective policy of “a need to know” basis, meaning only fragments of information is divulged to specific people, so keeping a secret of that multitude wouldn’t be a problem. Meaning the government keeps secrets by compartmentalizing, only needed information is exposed. It is easy to keep secrets when not everyone knows all the details of the secret.