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Friday, May 25, 2007

In A Capitalist Society, You Vote With A Dollar.

I will never buy Doc Martens, I was given a pair several years ago that did me very well, but I will not buy any myself. It isn't just because I don't spend a hundred bucks on shoes, it's driven by my disgust by their new ad campaign featuring dead rock and roll icons like Kurt Cobain and Joe Strummer wearing them in Heaven(I'll say I'm not linking to the story because I don't want to encourage it, but it's really because I'm lazy).
I beat this point over the head time and time again: if you don't have to face real consequences for your actions, you don't have any reason to believe you've done anything wrong and you can't learn from your mistakes if you don't think you've made any. When so much corporate type activity is focused on the bottom line (read:money-type profits) and they do things that are objectionable, but people still lay out the long green, why should they do anything differently?
It's difficult to follow the corporate practices of every company you may patronize, nay it's impossible. So the ads can play a valuable role, but this is where it's difficult because if it was just about having good ads, I would drink nothing but Tanqueray Gin, since those ads are awesome featuring the least convincing heterosexual character since Chris Tucker's character Ruby Rhod in "The Fifth Element", Tony Sinclair.

But unfortunately, most of the embarrassing drunken moments I have had in the past ten years have had gin as an accomplice. By the way if the ads are to be believed, "Do you have a little captain in you" is shorthand for,"Are you an asshole?"

Doesn't this guy know that some of the best sex is post wedding sex?
I am too dependent on my natural manly musk to slather on any deodorant, but if I did I'd use Old Spice because they have been responsible for the best commercial this year, featuring the always godlike Bruce Campbell.

Ahoy, indeed! Just because I ask the questions doesn't mean I can answer them.
Hail to the king, Baby!

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johanna said...

I read about the Doc Martens ad this morning, and it didn't seem to me like it was that big a deal. Am I being really insensitive? Don't we still use images of Marilyn Monroe et al. in advertising? I think people like Cobain are sort of public domain figures that represent an ideology in pop culture. It's not that they don't deserve respect, because they do, but when you reach icon status, you're more than just a person. Besides, I guess it's kind of nice to see a pic of Cobain up in heaven, because you know what the Christians think happens to people that commit suicide- so just be glad Doc Marten didn't use Cobain to tout the wonders of their chemical and heat resistant soles. Fire and brimstone anyone?