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Monday, June 18, 2007

More Gosh Darn Music Fun Facts!

Although the song is credited to drummer Dennis Wilson, the song "Never Learn Not To love" on the Beach Boys album 20/20 is actually a re-written version of his buddy Charles Manson's "Cease To Exist".

The early anti-drug rap "White Lines (Don't Do It)" was originally written as a pro cocaine song, since it was the favorite drug of Melle Mel and the Furious Five. Realizing a pro drug song might not fly, they put in the "Don't Do It" and a couple of less glamorizing verses in the second half of the song.

Neil Young, then completely unknown, in 1966 was driving down Sunset Boulevard one last time before moving to San Francisco. He came down to LA from Canada to try to start a band with some of the many musicians he had met playing around Canada that he knew had moved there, but hadn't found any one. Luckily for him, the hearse he drove in was instantly recognizable to Steven Stills, who was riding in the opposite side of the street. Nine days later, they were Buffalo Springfield,opening for The Byrds.

Seals and Crofts, who were responsible for the soft rock classic "Summer Breeze" got their start playing in the Champs ("Tequila!")

The late comedic actor Phil Hartman was also an accomplished graphic designer who created album covers for the bands America and Crosby,Stills and Nash among others.

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