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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

15 years of "Baby's Got Back" celebrated with social discourse;rump shakin'

Any resemblance to people, things, or events are purely satirical.

(Seattle, Washington)
When Sir Mix-A-Lot's landmark hit "Baby's Got Back" became the ubiquitous hit of the summer of '92, it achieved a life beyond the average pop hit.
A conference was held at the Mix-A-Lot compound this past Saturday that featured a panel of speakers ranging from Princeton professor Cornel West and journalist Christopher Hitchens to Hip-Hop stars Lil' Jon, Ludacris and Mix-A-Lot himself addressing the impact his musical celebration to the female posterior has had on American society.
In his closing speech, Sir Mix-A-Lot (who contrary to popular belief holds no official royal title)spoke of the message behind his earth-shattering hit.
"A lot of the injustices I rapped of then are even more true now, it's like the lessons 'Baby got Back' taught have been forgotten. Cosmo is still saying you're fat and now more than ever, I ain't down with that."
"Regardless of conventional wisdom or popular opinion, I have stayed true to myself in this regard: give me a sister, I can't resist her, red beans and rice didn't miss her. My policy of a triple X throwdown to ladies with generous amounts of booty is still in effect."
To this, Hitches interjected, "I am proud to number among the white boys who have to shout in agreement."
Mix-A-Lot continued,"I will admit, along the way I have lost focus. I tried to follow up 'Baby's' with the lackluster 'Put 'em On The Glass'(where Mix-A-Lot extolled the virtues of women pressing their breasts against glass), but it was obvious what my heart and anaconda favors. My imagination is captured, my affection reserved, then, now and always in that big, beautiful badonkadonk, can I get a 'Hell ya?"
The conference goers, most moved by his obvious passion, wiped the tears out of their eyes before lustily affirming,"Hell Yeah!"
"Now shake those healthy butts!" Mix-A-Lot exclaimed. With this, the conference ended with both the speakers and scantally clad young women shaking their respective "moneymakers" with varying degrees of proficiency.

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