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Monday, August 14, 2006

Political Parties, the Ultimate Dysfunctional Relationship.

While going through a "what's it all mean?" thing thinking about every relationship I've ever had with a woman and a "What the fuck is going to happen next?" thing when thinking about the Middle East and our (non) involvement and the resulting implications and I came up with a theory. We've seen all the ends of these kind of relationship at one point or the other.

The relationship of conservatives with the Republican party is like the typical Asshole boyfriend. You fall in love with the way he makes you feel so you don't spend much time thinking about what's just behind the surface. He says exactly what you want to hear, all the while doing things behind your back that you excuse or refuse to believe,because you're in love. The sex is great, but he consistently changes his position to suit his needs first. At first this didn't matter you were so in love, but too many disappointed nights have lead you thinking differently. Unfortunately, he has gotten you pregnant and/or given you an STD, so the effects of this are going to be around for a while.

The relationship of liberals with the Democratic party is like the typical Boring boyfriend. You like all the same things and get along great, but you just can��t find that spark. On paper, he's perfect, in reality, you want to beat his brains in just so something interesting can happen. He's trying so hard to be likable, he just ends up looking pathetic with no personality to call his own.

I think America could stand for, politically, what the urban dictionary refers to as "strange". Someone, a non crazy third party, to arouse our loins, and our intellects and more us, truly, forward as a society. Unfortunately it's not in the selfish, small minded children that we've elected to do it.

And if this union produces a baby, name it after me.

Sign of the Apocalypse- And on the Teen Choice awards, the first live performance of Brittany's baby's daddy, who's only discernible talent is being such a douchebag he bleeds vinegar and water!

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