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Monday, August 07, 2006

Chris Matthews is the John Madden of Political Punditry

I actually enjoy him, for the most part. But he shares with Madden, in my opinion the ability to proclaim the head-smackingly obvious. Also, the people around show enough respect them enough to ever say "Wow, did you really just say that?" The difference is that what the former football coach and sportscaster says is obvious to everyone, even people that don't know football, what Matthews says isn't obvious to nearly enough people .

John Madden- (any given Monday)"The team that puts the points on the board is the one that's gonna win."

Chris Matthews-(this past Sunday)"A recent study shows that watching the Daily Show might make you more cynical towards politicians and elections."

Really? Maybe that's because they're the only ones that seem to be paying attention. The Daily Show is blessed with fantastic writers and talent, but current political events are a satirical homerun derby. They get easy lobs from every branch and facet of government and Jon Stewart and company knock it out of the park almost every time when every other news outlet is too scared to lift the bat(Sorry for all the sports metaphors). Of course, they take quotes out of context and blow stuff out of proportion, but doesn't the "legitimate" media do that an awful lot too?

The Daily Show is seen as the most trusted news source in this country, but even they themselves call what they do "fake news". I think it's trusted not because the accuracy of the facts, but the feeling the show gives. It's the feeling that you are not alone. They really said that, they really did that, they're really getting away with this, and we think this is as fucked up as you do.

If the Daily Show didn't exist, we'd have to create it.

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