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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Phoenix:It's F*#kin' Hot Part 2

Part One Here

I wish I was making this up, but Phoenix was recently named "America's Sweatiest City". The average Phoenix resident pumped out 26.4 ounces of sweat per hour, PER HOUR! I spend as little time in the heat as possible, which means that someone else is taking care of most of my share, at least 20 more ounces.

The thing that you notice about the "Dry Heat" is how the air steals all the moisture it can get. Fall asleep with your mouth open and you'll wake up with the dry mouth of a all-night bender. My dad used to say that the flicked dry booger was the state bird of Arizona.

You can only escape the hot, hot, heat of everything indoors with powerful conditioned air. The dry heat allows for the occasion use of a evaporative air cooler, it's just a fan blowing through a damp sponge, but it works really well as long as humidity stays in the single digits. After it rains, forget it. Not even shade can give you much relief. I was at a Sonic and I touched a black metal chair that had been in the shade for a while and it was almost too hot to touch.

Phoenix, it's good practice for Hell.

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student teacher said...

OMG I still remember when Chris Wilson and I stopped in Phoenix to visit Dave Maloof on our way to California. We were supposed to stay two full days. But it had been raining and it was so humid and hot, it felt like we were wading through jellyfish piss. It was so bad that we couldn't sleep, and left at the crack of dawn the next day. I vowed never to return. It's been 13 years and I've kept that vow, dammit! And can you believe Maloof was doing landscaping work out there?! Unbelievable.