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Monday, January 07, 2008

Get Britney Help!

This is the post I thought I'd never have to write. I may love pop culture, but I don't think much of the current purveyors of it. When I make this kind of plea, I can't say that I've been shielding myself against her antics. I think honesty is important in every relationship and if Britney needs to be honest with herself than we need to be honest with ourselves. I'd love to say I haven't kept at least one eye open on her career, it would be impossible for me to not to, with all the dizzying highs and puzzling lows.

Britney has famously sung that, "I'm not that innocent," but I never thought she was. I got the same first impression that many of us did: The "Baby, Hit Me One More Time" video, with the soon-to-be iconic schoolgirl outfit. It was a flip on the old script;"The men don't know but the little girls understand", became, "The little girls might not know, but the skeevy men understand." I couldn't have foreseen the multiple beaver flashes or a bald Brit attacking a car with an umbrella but still, it didn't seem to me like Britney was going crazy, Britney was just going Britney! With the latest, we need to stop gawking and/or snickering and get Britney some help!

Whenever you see one of those "when animals attack" videos there sometimes comes a point where you have to say, "Why doesn't the guy put down the camera and try to get that moose off of that guy?" We're kind of at the "Put down the camera" point with Britney, everyone that has been getting paid to facilitate and chronicle the train wreck now needs to put out the fire it's caused before the kids get hurt.

There is more at stake. What if-God forbid- she dies? Is her destiny to become martyred as the American Princess Di in our age of diminished expectations? We have to do something, and by "we" I mean,"somebody else but me"; I'm merely a humble blogger, after all. But, I'll be seeing our progress on What Would Tyler Durden Do, don't worry.

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