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Monday, September 10, 2007

Great lost You Tube videos

You Tube is awesome. This is something everyone knows, of course, but I have found some of the lost TV memories of my childhood there. The Replacements on Saturday Night Live, Husker Du on the Joan Rivers Show along with all the viral videos that I’m just as contagious to as anyone. There have been a few videos that I have looked for fruitlessly or were once there and are no longer.

Spinal Tap’s “Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare” -This is a heartbreaker. I just found out just a little while ago that this even existed. The principles of Spinal Tap(Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer) recorded a video for the ABC show Midnight Special for a song called “Rock and Roll Nightmare”. After I learned of it’s existence, I went to You Tube to see if some intrepid soul had posted it. Someone had!

For Tap fans- The song and video are an interesting bridge between “Listen to the Flower People” and “Sex Farm”.

I’d love to embed it, but the only person that had it on You Tube has had the video pulled for, as they put it ”violation of the terms of use”.

Seth Green n Mad TV- Like IMDB, You Tube is fantastic to prove a point and is just as close as any internet available computer. I futilely try to describe this to people and I’ve never seen it on You Tube. A frequently rerun episode of Mad Tv on Comedy Central has Seth Green dissing series regular Michael McDonald for calling himself a co-star with Green in the Austin Powers movies. Seth never seems to realize that he is no position to criticize with what he’s wearing: A leopard cowboy hat, see through shirt, faux fur jacket and black patent leather pants. It’s an outfit that if there were such thing as fashion police, Seth Green would be the first person sentenced to death.
When McDonald makes the unavoidable comment about his get up, Seth insists that he’s ”keeping it real.” Compared to what?

T.V. Funhouse- This was a puppet based comedy show from the legendary comic writer and creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog that ran shortly on Comedy Central. It possessed such a scatological whimsy that it quickly became my favorite show for the nanosecond it was on. Considering all the DVD fetishisation that’s occurred over the past few years, it’s criminal that this show remains unreleased (The State is long overdue as well).
There used to be parts of full episodes up, but no longer. There are bits of this you can still get on You Tube, but it’s mostly the cartoons from the episodes; never as funny-sadly-as the puppets and real animals humping or all the dogs having the same indeterminable accent as Triumph.

Elvis’ blowjob-I saw an Elvis documentary a long time ago on Cinemax that showed a lot of between show action like E harmonizing with his entourage on a gospel number in the limo post show and proving that when they said, “Elvis has left the building” he actually just did.
I know that I saw one backstage scene where Elvis says to any one that’ll listen, ”Man, there was girl last night at the hotel that gave the BEST head!”
After one of his dudes points out that a camera is capturing his recollection, he shrugs it off: “What can I tell ya, man? She gave good head!”
I’ve only seen this once and never again, I’m not even sure I didn’t dream it and I’ve never found it on You Tube.

Tylenol commercial- You know, the one where everybody that works for Tylenol talks about how much they love working there? I wanted to use that in a post where I ask you to imagine they’re talking about Trojan condoms instead of Tylenol; It adds a layer of funny when they say things like, “I never forget that what I’m making goes into someone’s body” and “We put a lot of love in there!” Can’t find it on You Tube.

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